Placid Pumpkin

This time last year I was dying to do a Fall photo shoot, but here in Florida the leaves don't change color! My solution was to drag Meredith to a pumpkin patch [If I remember correctly, she actually skipped class to model for me!] because that is the only "Fall" setting I had available to me. I have been waiting all year to share these images because I really wanted to share them on Halloween! These pictures make me want to snuggle up in a garden of pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!
Creep it real ;)

Model: Meredith C. Powell 
Clothing: Photographers own
MUAH: Tori Ray 

ps. I've not been able to post my most recent fashion shoots because I've been busy with client shoots [Praise God], School, and I've also shot two weekends in a row for DWF [One of FSU's Fashion Mags]! I can't wait to share these shoots with you guys once the magazine is published. But for now, the blog posts will be pretty slow! 



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