Sunshine & Citrus

Orbs of Autumnal beauty, breathed to light
From blooms of May,
Rounded between the touch of lengthening night
And lessening day,
Flushed with the Summer fulness that the Spring
(Fair seer!) foretold,
The circle of three seasons compassing
In spheres of gold. 

^^don't mind my dirty knees

photos taken by: Heather Hartley 
Model, styling, & retouching by: Tori Ray 
swimwear by: Peace of Paradise Creations 

Things I especially love right now:
Adventures, loyal friends, over-alls, leather, lipstick, high-waisted swimsuits, cat-eye sunglasses, Florida's warm winters, & American Flags! [and pizza, always pizza] 
Horray for this extra patriotic photo-shoot and this rare occurrence of me modeling. 
Thank you POPC for my beautiful hand-made swimsuit!

follow Peace of Paradise on Instagram: @PeaceofParadisecreations

Till next time,

xx Tori 

ps: Orange Groves may be pretty, but they smell like rotting citrus & here's an outtake Heather dared me to post of my "Little Mermaid on the rock" pose. For your viewing pleasure.

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