2013 Wrap Up!

2013 was the 20th year of my life, and in many ways the first year of the rest of my life. I’ve spent these past twelve months letting go of the past, forging new relationships, and strengthening old ones.  I’ve finally allowed myself to run free with the idea that I don’t have to follow the mold that has been set before me and I am truly stoked for the future because of this.
Though I have been handy with a camera for quite sometime, this year has been a huge growth period. Last year I made the official decision to pursue fashion photography, and have spent this year honing my skills technically, stylistically, and relationally. It is so hard to believe that I did over 60 shoots this year, got published in two magazines, hit 1,000 LIKES on my photography facebook, and 7.5k on my Instagram account. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the work of 4 fashion designers from Australia, 2 from London, 6 from Hawaii, and 2 others from the US mainland! I feel so honored to have worked alongside so much talent and I’m blessed to call many of these people my friends. Of course none of this would’ve been possible without my beautiful models!

Below are some of my favorite photographs from 2013 followed by some of my favorite moments!

 Miss Greta, one of the brightest rays of sunshine I encountered this year! 

 These next few shots are of Makayla, a lovely friend of mine and a huge support to me as a photographer! She just started modeling this year and has already been signed with an agency in NY! I'm so proud of her!

 I don't think I could have gotten through this year without Meredith. Aside from being my on command model, she is one of my dearest friends and I'm so blessed to have her! 

 It was so cool to see how much people on Instagram loved this project I did with Heather. 

 This is my cousin Keri. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! 

 Words cannot express how grateful I am for Victoria Moronta. We were the dream team this summer! I am so excited for the future that this little bombshell has ahead of her. 

 IamVibes all the way from London! Thank you Tom Hardless for all of your love & support. 

 Most liked picture on Instagram: 742

 Another company from London! Howl London, we love you!

 Quite possibly my favorite photograph I've taken all year. 

  My Princess Kaci. I love you. 

All the glory to God for the success and joy photography has given me this year. While this year has been wonderful, it had it's fair share of sadness, disappointments, and failures as well. But Isaiah 61 tells us that God will bestow upon us a crown of beauty instead of ashes, and He certainly did not break his promise. There is nothing I cannot conquer with HIM by my side. 

This year had a rough start, my Grandpa was on his death bed and my mom was fighting breast cancer. However, through my family's prayer my Grandfather finally accepted Christ and while I was at Passion Conference, the Lord took him home. It has been a hard year for us without Grandpa, especially during the holidays, but God has been so faithful and in his absence our family has grown closer. 

The good new is... when my Grandpa finally did pass, I was at Passion Conference 2013 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The presence of God was palpable in that stadium full of 70,000 young adults and to be completely honest, there is no place I'd rather grieve.

And just incase you're wondering... MOM IS CANCER FREE AND TOTALLY HEALTHY! We are so so so blessed to have her driving us crazy again! His Wind Turbines, our family business, is growing steady and we're very excited about what is to come with 2014. 

Although January started bumpy, joy was found in the little things. I entered an Arizona Tea Contest (which if you know me, you know I love Arizona Tea) on a whim and actually won! They sent me all this fun stuff and therefore I've spent the majority of my lazy days looking like a poster child! 

Shortly after, I met up with Maddie Hall and Megan Hill and shot "Collision" the Launch shoot for this blog featuring Arnhem Clothing, Wild & Free Jewelry, Wild & Free Hawaii, Pearl Love Jewelry, and The Gypsies Trunk. It's crazy to think my blog is almost a year old! 

During the Spring Semester, I took digital foundations with Kevin Curry...seriously, one of the best teachers I've ever had. Oh, and I took ballet.. just because! I also went on Spring Trip with Christian Campus Fellowship in Jacksonville Florida and met a ton of absolutely wonderful people! Then Spring Break rolled around and I took a trip to Tennessee with my youth group back home. For real though, you can't beat snowball fights and mountain hiking in short sleeve weather. (plus I haven't been to Tennessee in YEARS!) 

This Summer was incredible. I got to go to the beach just about every other weekend! I spent a lot of time with my Grandma, and there were rainbows, and of course perfect weather. I got a few sunburns and am literally STILL drooling over our gorgeous east coast sunrises. 

Then I FINALLY met Christopher Morin! (which was long awaited many months past our initial cyber meeting) He's the bestest best guy friend there ever was, and I love him. 

 Oh. and he's responsible for the red hair. His idea. 
After Chris and I began hanging out, he introduced me to his friends and the adventures I've had with these beautiful people have made me the happiest girl!

Morning Tea, courtesy of Nana, must be mentioned of course. 

Went to my first Warped Tour! My step dad, Fred, got us VIP & Press passes. Nate and I had so much fun being metal. \m/
 Thanks for snapping my photo Daniel!

 \m/ ?

Next on the summer trip list was DALLAS for the Mary Kay Seminar (I mean to see Paul Hally obviously)! Congratulations to Nana for making Director! You probably can't tell just by looking at this post, but when i wasn't out shooting or at school this year, 90% of my time was spent with my best friend Jessica. She's been my rock and I am SO grateful for her and her family. 

After Dallas I had a parting lunch with my two favorite College Freshman! 

Fall Semester. Hardest and best semester yet. Got a C in photography, took the most influential class of my life (Intro to New Testament), dissected a worm, mastered the art of grilled cheese sandwiches, learned entirely too much about native americans, became a unicorn and kissed Daniel Firmin with Miley Cyrus, got published in Diverse World Fashion Magazine, recorded a cover of Royals by Lorde with some of my oldest and loveliest friends, sent entirely too many snapchats, made my own mini magazine featuring Molly & Polly Swimwear from Australia, modeled for Heather's paintings & visited her home in Winter Haven, Saw Hillsong United and Hillsong Young&Free (best concert of my whole life), learned to stand up paddleboard and drive a boat, Ivan taught me how to longboard, and I got my first surfboard!!

So here we are. The holidays were amazing (for real though. I watched frozen 5 times, got a new lens, went swimming in our igloo pool in December, and hung out non stop with my favorite people!), I've ALMOST caught up on all of my editing, and my new years resolution is to eat more pizza and to get more people to join #teambringbacktheoveralls! 
^this one's for you Taylor Tippett! 

Big Warm Hugs from Florida to all of you who made this year so special! You know who you are :* (I wish I could have mentioned every single one of you in this post but I think we can agree that it is already too long!)

Till Next Year,

xoxo Tori 

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