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Swimwear by Molly & Polly

Ocal-ifornia describes those rare opportune moments when a location falls into your lap that transports you across the country. In this particular case, my Ocala backyard felt like California! My stepdad was in the process of building our in-ground pool, and there was a massive hole in the ground and a few very large piles of dirt. I'm so glad Makayla and I were able to meet up to shoot this set! (Mostly because it was her birthday present ... her birthday is in JULY.) It was such a treat to shoot with such rich orange hues and soft light. Kudos to Makayla for braving the chilly weather! 
I hope you all enjoy these photographs as much as Makayla and I enjoyed creating them. 

Also, HUGE congratulations to Makayla as she is an official New York model! I'm so proud of her and blessed to have been a part of her journey from the very first shoot until now. 

& a big thank you to Molly & Polly Swimwear! Check out their new line! 

Till next time, 
xoxo Tori 

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