Stars, Stripes, & Sunshine! Happy 4th of July!

HAPPY 4th of JULY! 

|| Model: Victoria Moronta | Shorts: Stay Beachy | Flower Crown & Bison Skull Ring: Wild and Free Jewelry | Black Pearl Necklace & Bracelet: Peal Love Jewelry | Aragonite Cluster Ring: Elleque | Sundial Watch: Pandeia ||

I know a lot of Americans aren't happy with the government right now, but in spite of political issues we are still a very blessed nation. I encourage you to remember that today! I am so grateful to have been born in this country! I know I consistently dream of adventuring to far away places around the world, but America is the place I will always call home.

Hope these photos put you in a festive mood for tonights delicious food and fireworks! 

Also, I thought I'd share the story behind the pathetic popsicles in the photos under the pier. Victoria and I trekked around Flagler beach for an hour and a half searching for firecracker popsicles, and then when we couldn't find them we decided we would settle for soft serve icecream... which the icecream parlor was out of.... so we decided to settle for these $.25 popsicles.. one of which melted all over me when I temporarily placed it inside my pocket, and the others which dyed Victoria's finger's blue before our last fashion shoot of the day. 3 fashion shoots in one day calls for atleast one dilemma and we're grateful our only dilemma was melting popsicles! Also, Flagler is a darling little beach! I recommend it over Daytona beach ANY DAY... less crowds, better waves. 



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