Behind The Scenes from Collide!





Model: Maddie Hall
MUAH: Megan Hill
Some BTS: Christina Suarez 

This is a behind the scenes look from Collide! BTS shots tend to be some of my favorite photos because it's a reminder to the public that models are real people, with real personalities. It's a reminder that even though the locations people shoot at are beautiful, it's likely there are earthly elements that cause the shoot to be a lot harder than it looks [such as harsh weather conditions, slippery terrain, BUGS, did I say bugs?] I just wanna give a thumbs up and big hugs to my crew from this shoot. They are all such beautiful people with the loveliest hearts! I'll be posting this weekend's photo shoot tomorrow! <3

Tori Ray


  1. that day was so freaking awesome the locations could not have been any more perfect! you'll have to come back sometime and explore more with us :). btw isn't that photo of the close mine? lol

    1. It really was lovely!! and that would be so fun if I ever get a chance to take a breath. it's been so hectic! and yes :) I credited you!

    2. oh ok i see now that would have been fine but you technically didn't ask me permission. I'm kinda weird about that whole thing because I've dealt with a lot of people taking things.

    3. I can take it down if you'd like, I just didn't think you'd mind because it was included in the behind the scenes shots in the link you sent me, and I credited you. I completely understand if that's the case though, just let me know.