January: Monthly InstaDiary

January 1st 2013 had to be the most perfect start to any new year EVER. I was at Passion Conference 2013 with 65,000 worshiping Christ and making a stand against slavery. God moved in the Georgia Dome, I cannot wait to return next year! Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! 
When I was at Passion 2013 my Grandpa passed away. When I got the phonecall I was with one of my best friends Jessica Whittington, and I can honestly say she is the only person I would have wanted to be with upon receiving that information. Jessica I love you so much. Thank you for always being there for me. I'm so proud of my Grandpa and the man that he was. He is one of my biggest inspirations, and I hope I grow up to be as compassionate of a person as he was. 
Me and My beautiful Jessica at Passion <3
Self portraits, because sometimes I want to be the model too <3
I won the Arizona Christmas Photo contest and won all this jazzy merch! Now I'm finally the Arizona poster child I was born to be ;) THANK YOU ARIZONA!
Reminiscing on summer during winter... the usual. Mermaid shoot with Ashley Johnson!
Had so much fun photographing Maddie Hall, and working with Makeup Artist, Megan Hill!
Edits on Edits on Edits!
3,500 objects self portrait for my digital foundations class at Florida State. 
Celebrating Australia Day in America!
My favorite Insta-sister Paris Gerrard had a birthdayyy!!! Follow her (@Charcoalalley) and visit her blog! http://www.charcoalalley.com
Flash back of a shoot my little blonde muse Blake Huber! 
I missed my friends from a lot this month, and some of my favorite memories with them are made in their cars.. This #TBT was my way of commemorating that. <3
Thuggin' in my AZ gear. 
Endless inspiration in January from one of my favorite artists at the moment. http://ponygold.blogspot.com
Sneak Peek into my gypsy bedroom, So excited to continue building my dream catcher wall! 
Side note: You, yes.. you, need a fur blanket. They are heavenly.
Inspiration from [@Elleque] on Instagram! 
Finally completed my logo which you can see at the top of my blog, but this was on of my doodles from when I was brainstorming my logo design! 

January was absolutely perfect this year!

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Gram: @Torirayphotography

Tori Ray

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