Gypsy Winds...

John 3:8
"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

|| Dress: Arnhem Clothing | Skirt & Accessories: Vintage | boots: Charlotte Russe ||

|| model: Meredith C Powell | photographer: Tori Ray, muah, yours truly! ||

I can't count the number of things in my life that should be wreaking havoc on my emotions and on my attitude right now. But through it all, I'm still convinced that life is bigger than our struggles. I care so much about my family, and my friends, and the people of the world as a whole, but my biggest mistake thus far in my 19 years of life has been not exploring and digging into and understanding the people and things around me. 
I've missed so much by dreaming about what else is out there in the world... what the waves are like on someone else's shore. There's so much beauty and adventure in the NOW. Living like a gypsy and traveling place to place seems like a dream, but my reality is in college right now and I believe that being a gypsy is something that exists in your heart and in the way you life your life. 
I don't want to be the girl that dreams and dreams and dreams, but never does anything. I want to be the girl that appreciates each breath of air and taste of sunlight. I want to be the girl that delves into her studies because she's fascinated with the knowledge that can be learned about the world. I want to be the girl that is high on life and present myself in a way that reminds people that they can be happy too.  
Very few women possess the quality of life that I desperately yearn for in my present and for my future. There are a few though, and these women are such inspirations to me. I can't thank them enough for the support they have given me and I just want to take a moment to introduce these women to you. 

Mom: If you haven't met my mother, then you are missing out. I've never met someone who gives so much of herself to the people around her. She is constantly lending a helping hand. She loves children, she's not afraid to be silly, she's not superficial. She is strong, and an inspirational woman of God and I'm so grateful for her and the massive influence she has been and always will be on my life. [Please keep her in your prayers! She's toughing it through chemo, kickin' some breast cancer tush!]

[and in no particular order..]

Aunt Maria: I love my aunt so much! She is such a silly and free spirit, and she always speaks her mind. She's always been there for me, I know I can count on her always. 

Jennifer Whittington: [best friend's mom] I don't think I can actually express into words how much this beautiful woman of God means to me. She has been a constant inspiration from the moment I have met her. Her and her beautiful family have shown me that life by the spirit is the most full life you can have. 

Glenna Clement: My second momma and soul sister all at the same time. She is love and hard work and perseverance and true strength. She is wisdom, and I love and look up to her more than she'll ever know. 

Julie Irwin: [best friend's mom] I have a few second momma's.. if you haven't caught on yet... THIS LADY :'D She is so creative, and loving, and wise, and so free. I love her spirit and her personality and just being around her and her family. 

Well, not that this post has been thoroughly sappy, I hope you enjoy this beautiful shoot styled by both me and my lovely model Meredith! 
I'll never tire of putting my Arnhem Dreamweaver Mini to use! Stayyyy tuned for more fashion shoots coming up this month! 

Tori Ray
Follow the winds of your gypsy hearts! <3

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